Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Yes, I'm That Oblivious

OK. So I'm not original, or very observant. Diva Drip just clued me in to the fact that the blogger ads at the top of your blog change with your posts. Thus the Keanu Reeves DVD ad at the top of my blog. (Not sure about the Ted Greene one, but I'm guessing it's because of my post on Bill & Ted).

Who's got the inside track on how that ad changes? Is it purely on posts, or is it only on posts that get lots of comments? I'm curious, because I've written way more about cats recently than Ted, and yet here's this ad about Ted (and not even the right Ted) but no mention of cats or cat-related products.

Hmmmm. It's all a mystery.

Update: I guess I talked about cats enough, as there's now an ad for declawing alternatives. Mystery solved.


At 6:18 PM, Blogger Diva said...

Now isn't this an interesting experiment? I now see (on your blog) two - get that two - different ads for "Cats and Kittens" magazine.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Janet said...

Someone had to point that one out to me too. And after a Denise Austin exercise related rant no less.

Who says we're not being watched?

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Carmi said...

The changing-ads thing uses the same agent-based technology that Google uses to serve up context-specific ads alongside search results, and similarly "appropriate" ads alongside Google e-mail messages.

What it does is scan the content in question - in this case, your blog postings - and serves up ads from the database that match what you're talking about.

I'm thinking it's doing a fairly decent job in my case. It was space/aviation-themed for a while, and tonight it's all over F. Scott Fitzgerald like Daisy on a bender. Keanu Reeves is topping yours at this very moment, so it looks like the software is once again eeerily precise.

Now, if only the software would change my cat's litterbox for me. THAT would be useful!


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