Monday, August 09, 2004

Meet Dumb and Dumber

I adopted twins yesterday. Psycho, evil, black twins with extra toes. When I left this morning, they were hiding behind the couch. We haven't named them because we can't catch them to see what sex they are.

No - I'm not crazy (or at least no crazier than before this post). They're 8-week old polydactyl kittens. All black. Both of them. They were raised in a barn and don't like people very much. My daughter thinks they hate her, and I had to explain that they hate everyone equally right now. Once they've settled in, they'll only hate Arthur.

Last night I could hear a plucking sound like they were scratching a screen. I came running down, and the obviously dumber of the two (most likely the male), had scaled the screen door all the way to the top and had wedged himself between that door and the glass door. He had a really good grip (I'm guessing it was his extra digits) and we had to nearly saw him in half to get him out.

What was he thinking? That the screen was easier to penetrate near the top? And if he did get through, it's a bit of a drop. Not a lot of fore-though there. Good grief. The smarter of the two just watched from the safety of the kitty litter (which they apparently know how to use).

Then, they cried for their mother and ran around knocking things down most of the night.

I'm not liking them too much right now, but I'm hoping we can all come to some sort of agreement soon. For instance, if they stop crying and maybe don't climb the screen, then I'll, say, continue to feed them and scoop their pooh. Whatdya think?

I was really excited about getting them - I was all pumped and hopping around and saying to Arthur every 5 minutes, "Aren't you excited about getting them?" And he would look at me deadpan and say "I'm happy that you're excited. Is that good enough?" (Arthur isn't a cat-person (and he recently found out that he's also not a dog-person either)).

Anyway - the actual purpose of this blog is the name issue we're having. Benjy wants to name them Pumpkin and Sweetie. Frankie wants to call them Zoro and Puss N' Boots, I want to call them Loki and Bartleby, and Arthur doesn't care (although he thinks Imwith and Stupid would be funny. Argh!).

Does anyone have a good idea for names for identical black cats of undetermined sex that have extra toes and are real hellians? If so, send them my way!


At 9:00 PM, Blogger Diva said...

I like Zoro and Bartleby the best. And best of luck to you, at least they *do* know how to use the litter box.

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Carmi said...

Welcome to the world, oh thumbed furry ones. And stop driving your new human family insane! The drive to the fish store is never as long as you think. So behave and maybe they'll keep you around.

Shadow - our much older polydactyl gato - sends his best. Here's an ancient page featuring the black-furred wonder:

At 8:53 AM, Blogger Trillian said...

Carmi - I didn't know shadow was a polydactyl! Very cool. Yet another thing we have in common (other than our dashing good looks!)


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