Friday, August 13, 2004

Kittens: Renamed

My children, dears that they are, informed me that Graffiti and Scribbles are "lame" names. They've compromised on Sweetie for the nice cat and Zoro for the aloof scratcher. The names have stuck.

When we got back from Marineland today, I played with Sweetie - he/she likes to chase a fuzzy ball on a string. Then, SUCCESS! Sweetie let me brush him and started purring! I picked him up and continued to brush/pet him and it didn't go too badly. Zoro didn't bite me when I brushed him, but his hackles went up!

P.S. - we had to move them out of our ensuite today - the last couple of nights they've made so much noise that Arthur slept in the spare room. Also, the kitty litter smell was not great. They're in the kids' bathroom now with strict orders to Frankie and Benjy to use our bathroom instead.

P.S.S. - I'm very happy with the progress today but a little worried that Zoro won't come around. Hope he does soon.


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