Monday, June 21, 2004

Lack of Completion

Another great weekend. My house is clean, I exercised, I shopped, and I ate (a lot). We had a great Father's Day - Benjy and Frankie mice made nice gifts for Arthur and we also bought him a new golf bag and some sandals (to replace his 8 year-old Nike's (phew!).

And, dum dum da dum...I wrote a couple of pages this weekend! Excellent. My biggest problem is that I'm really motivated to start new chapters, and get about 3 pages into them, before I lose interest. Then, I wait a few days and start another chapter. I lack even one finished chapter. It's a disgrace, but I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one who writes like that. The good news is that I have the entire plot in my head (it might be better on paper, I know), so I can jump around from chapter to chapter, but wouldn't it be nice if I finished one? Who knows? Do you know?

Alas, I'm in an excellent mood. I fear that such a great mood will lead to a lack of productivity in the novel arena - as most of my inspiration for it comes from a sense of panic, stress, and doom. (Not that my current job inspires those feelings (at least most of the time), but it's easier for me to recall Project Management events when I'm in a state of learned helplessness, which I'm currently not). Perhaps I'll have to invent some stress....healthy!


At 4:21 PM, Blogger Sara said...

I commend you for even trying to finish a chapter. I get about 10 pages into every book I've ever written and then I decide "No one in their right mind would be interested in this but me." Although, then I have to remember that there are those people out there who buy trashy romance novels, so there's bound to be someone to buy my crap. Anyway, not the point. The only story I wrote that I ever actually liked, well, it got lost in a freak hard drive crash (didn't have enough time to make backups). I am jealous of you for even writing a few pages and sticking with your idea. I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that.

At 3:09 PM, Blogger Trillian said...

For the record, I sound much more organized and productive than I actually am. I know exactly how you feel. I've had so many ideas for novels and never followed through on them. It's taken me a good 13 years (God! Where did my twenties go??) to finally push myself a little harder and stick with it.

You'll do it too!


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