Sunday, June 13, 2004

Meet the Meat

Well, the weekend's pretty much over. It was a good one - no regrets.

Frankie Mouse and I read a few more chapters from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tonight. We've made it as far as Chapter 6 of Life, The Universe, And Everything, but I thnk it's time to stop. He's only 9 and while he's been really keen on reading it up to now, I know that the rest of this particular book is going to go way over his head. Most of the story has anyway, I will admit, but he's really liked the parts that he "got", like the Cirus Cybernetics Corporation's drink machine's mantra, "Share and Enjoy!" He says it everytime he gets a drink from the fridge.

Also - I have to admit that I've really liked that we have inside jokes now about "42" and "Eddies in the space-time contiuum" and my personal favorite, "Let's meet the meat". Anyway - I'd like to go out on a high note, so I think we'll move on to something more age-appropriate like Harry Potter, and go back to Hitchhiker's when he's a bit older.

Also - for the record, all the times I've read HGGTTG I've never noticed the swearing. It's not foul, but there are a few "hells" and "shits" that come up. Live and learn., I suppose.


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