Monday, June 14, 2004

Magic Number

I was talking to Arthur (my husband) this morning about the novel-in-progress, and his major concern is how many pages I think it's going to be. I have to laugh a little - as my feeling on this is that it will be as long as it needs to be. But, of course, he's pragmatic, and thinks that a solid 200 - 300 pages is the ideal number. He thinks that a book about this long would be more appealing to publishers than if it was longer or shorter. I think it doesn't matter, but maybe I'm an idealist?

What do you think? Is there a magic number? Arthur may be right, based on what this reveiwer had to say.


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Carmi said...

The relative smallness of the world never ceases to amaze me: My Dad's name is Arthur. Similarly, our youngest son likes to read Arthur books. I also once rode my bicycle on Arthur Street. Or was it Road? Is there really a difference? Enquiring (inquiring?) minds want to know, but don't have the time or the energy to pursue yet another silly bit of minutae.

Seriously, nice work on this blog. May it grow and prosper as spring segues into summer and beyond. Thanks for sharing your vision with the world. Write on...


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