Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bones Heal and Chicks Dig Scars

While watching the riveting coverage of the Canadian Federal Election last night Frankie Mouse slit his wrist.

No - it's not nearly as interesting as it sounds. He was "helping" his father build the deck out back and cut his arm with a chisel while trying to carve his initials in a piece of spare lumber. I took him to the emergency room (where there were 3 other boys his age - all with "boy type" injuries - skateboard mishaps, basketball net-building misadventures, and one with a large piece of wood in his foot (it was big enough that you wouldn't call it a splinter)) and he got two stitches.

When we got home he immediately called all his friends and cousins to let them know all the grotesque details. Good god! It never occurred to me how different boys are from girls. I'm going to go play Barbies with Benjy Mouse - I can at least relate to that!


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