Friday, February 25, 2005

Everything I Know, I Learned From My Kids

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find that I learn so much from my kids. And not just the "Oh, I learned how to be a more, caring, patient person" stuff either. I'm talking cold, hard facts.

I learn a lot from Frankie because he's always liked to read books and watch documentaries crammed with facts. He's not terribly picky about the subject matter, either. While he prefers books about machines, technology, transportation, and Medieval and Ancient times, I've caught him watching a documentary on the migratory patterns of North American birds once. He's insatiable, and he passes his knowledge on to the rest of us, whether we want to hear it or not.

Benjy, being five, has up until recently not contributed significantly to my knowledgeable. Lately, though, she's started spouting pithy words of wisdom that I've found most interesting. Apparently you should always put the toilet seat down before you flush the toilet to minimize the amount of germs that spray up. I didn't know this. I'm not sure how she know it either, or whether it's true. She also told me that I should stop kissing Arthur, because that's how germs spread. Arthur said he was willing to take his chances.

Recently Benjy came home with, what I think, is her greatest discovery, learned from her friend at daycare:

"Mom, did you know that there's this guy, God? Yeah. And he's everywhere. He's in the bathroom, he's in the walls, he's in the backyard, he's even in my mouf! Creepy, huh?"


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