Thursday, January 06, 2005

Friends and Blogging

I've been "out of service" for a while: both in terms of writing posts, as well as reading "my regulars". I fear I won't be able to catch up, given that my reading circle is continually expanding.

Two of my bestest, bestest buddies have joined the blogging circle in recent times. Retroboy, thankfully, keeps up his posts about as well as he looks after the rest of his life, so I can literally go for weeks without having to fear that I've missed some pithy insight from him. Eddie, on the other hand, will likely be as neurotic about his blog as he is everything else, so I'll have to make a special effort to keep on top of that.

I am currently holding Retroboy's Piglet hostage until the safe return of Sgt. Bear and Mr. Lizard (both our children have been lazy about ensuring all stuffed animals are with them before leaving for home after New Year's Eve festivities). I wonder if I can expand negotiations to include more consistent posting on his part? His level of apathy leads me to believe that this is an inherently lost cause.


At 7:54 PM, Blogger Retroboy said...

Apathy? I feign apathy. Any real emotional response would be far too much effort.


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