Monday, December 06, 2004

Snow Day!

The weather is pretty bad today, so I'm working from home in my pajamas. I love working at home, and not just because of the pajamas. I also get to spend the day with Sweetie and Zora, our beloved polydactyl kitty twins.

Sweetie, the more forward of the two, will sit on my lap, walk over the keyboard and try to catch my mouse cursor as it moves across the monitor. She'll squawk and purr and is just a very funny cat. Zora, who is still basically feral, will sit under the bed. Once Sweetie starts purring, you can hear a little motor start up from the depths of the bed as well.

Sweetie is a very affectionate cat. Zora is not. I wasn't able to completely tame her, so she doesn't allow anyone to touch her. She'll run away and hide if you come too close, and it's near impossible to catch her. Arthur's tried. He wanted (wants, really) to take her to live in a colleague's barn, what with her not really being a pet and all. But there are three basic problems:

1. He can't tell the cats apart. They are nearly identical. But this can be overcome, by sitting down and waiting for Sweetie to sit on your lap. Once you've established their identities, though, problem number 2 comes in to play.

2. He can't catch her. He chased her around for 20 minutes one day, but couldn't get her. Now, a little smarts is all he really needed - some well placed tuna fish and a cat carrier, really. Which leads me to problem 3.

3. He doesn't really want to get rid of her. Not because he likes her - he would get rid of both of them, if it were up to him. It's because the kids like her. Even though they can't pet her. They think she'll come around (it's been almost 6 months, though!!). And Sweetie would really miss her, too. The kids call them Sweetie and Sour sometimes. It's very cute.

So, I sit here with Sweetie on my lap (impeded my typing mightily) and Zora purring under the bed as the snow falls outside. What more could I ask for?


At 4:21 PM, Blogger sxKitten said...

It sounds wonderful!

My mother has 2 cats, a brother and sister. The male is like Sweetie, only more so - in your face, on your paper, demanding the love and attention that is his due. His sister, not so much. I used to call her The Figment, as in "She's a figment of your imagination, Mom. You really only have one cat." For years, we never saw more than the tip of her tail, disappearing as we arrived.

A few years down the road, she's still pretty skittish, but she'll venture into the room when there's company and will, once in a great while, not bolt when you approach her. I get to pat her, briefly, once every 3 or 4 months (usually when I catch her sleeping, mind you) and have coaxed a purr from her on several occasions.

Zora may come around eventually. If not, well, you can always pretend she doesn't exist :-)

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Rambling Rene said...

Sweetie and Sour! I like that.

Now, speaking of grandmother has a penchant for getting black stray cats. I don't think a year of my life has gone by without her owning a black stray. Really, it's only been 3 cats, but she's always had one, and they've all been like "whoa! company! I'm outta here!"

My Brimmy is 8 years old. HUGE, and kinda ornery. Not a friendly boy, unless his food dish is empty.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Sara said...

There's hope. Sort of. My boyfriend's one cat is anti-social (he, too, has two), and he just always left her alone. What he found out, once I started dating him and would play with her, is that she wasn't anti-social, but she really REALLY hated to be held. So if you let her lay down next to you, she'll let you pet her. Now if your cat's under the bed, it's not so easy, but it's possible that she'll come around.


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