Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Meep Meep

It's a happy day in our neighbourhood when the corn field that backs on to many of our properties is harvested. It means that all of the coyotes that make it their home in late summer and fall have to find residence somewhere else. Most of us have lost small pets to them at some point or another. Both my neighbour and I lost a cat, and two small dogs have also been gobbled up. Needless to say, our new feline is strictly an indoor cat.

I always assumed (never a good thing, I know) that a coyote looked kind of like a big fox. Arthur never told me otherwise, as he didn't want to scare me. It wasn't until this summer when we were driving down a country road that I saw one trotting along the side of the street. They kind of look like a scraggly dog with a scruffy neck. In fact, they reminded me quite a bit of Wile E. Coyote.

Sadly, ever since I've seen the coyote, all I can think of is a cartoon coyote carrying ACME boxes into the corn field and creating elaborate traps to catch our unsuspecting pets. It makes it a little easier to deal with the fact that our first cat is no longer with us. My daughter, however, doesn't find it therapeutic at all. Once again, the parent-of-the-year committee will be skipping my house.


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Dean said...

I must admit that I kinda like coyotes. They're quick and smart, and they've eluded all attempts at control.

One morning (early, like 5 AM) I saw three of them trotting down 11th Ave in Vancouver, bold as you please.

At 3:25 AM, Blogger T.J. said...

Did you know that they used a bottle to make the 'tongue-in-and-out' sound?

Oh, and be thankful that you don't live in Florida. The 'gators down there have learned to mimic dog barks. Hundreds are lost every year, chasing phantom 'dogs.'


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Carmi said...

Now that the fields no longer offer refuge, perhaps the wily scruffs will meander down to the Wal-Mart where they can take on the suburbanites looking for markdowns on knee-highs and giant bags of popcorn.

In my book, you're still in the running for Mom of the Year. Make room over the fireplace.


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